Southern Region

Maintenance Division

This campaign is dedicated to the members of the Southern Region, Maintenance Division. It is my sincere desire that you will allow me the to work on your behalf for the next 3 years advancing the Maintenance Division. I do not seek your endorsement nor financial contributions. I am only seeking your vote in the upcoming APWU National Election and the opportunity to make a difference on behalf of each of you. I ask that you consider the alternative. Three more years of the same. Minimal progress in terms of grievance resolution. I ask that you step outside of the box and vote for change. The future of the grievances you file will depend on it!

We have to face the facts

"By Changing Nothing, Nothing Changes!"

Which simply means three (3) more years of the same. Don't you think it's time our NBA offices start paying dividends on the deposits you have made. Demand your day in court!